Make up tips for beautiful eyes

The eyes are one of the essential organs of the body. Eyes give the face individuality and energy. They also play a key role in the communication process. Eyes are considered to be pretty irrespective of their shape and size. All eyes have a unique beauty.

The application of makeup is useful in bringing out the true colours of the eyes as well as enhancing their beauty. Applying the right makeup is one way of increasing your confidence level since you will not have anything to worry about. Eyeliners, mascara, and shadows are some of the products used in making the eyes beautiful.


This product is meant for defining and highlighting the eyes. It is used in bringing out eyes’ beauty by creating depth. A dark colour is applied on the eyelid to make the eyes appear small. The eyes are made to appear larger by applying a lighter colour. In general, eyeshadow is used in creating illusions. The following are the techniques used in applying eyeshadow in different eye shapes.

  • Large eyes-Individuals with large eyes should wear darker shadows in their eyelids and then extend them to the crease. The blows are highlighted using a flat colour.
  • Small eyes-People with small eyes are discouraged from using too much liner or shadow as this can makes their eyes to look smaller. Instead, they should light colours on the eyelids, dark ones on the crease. A highlighter is also used under the brow.
  • Round eyes-Round eyes are made longer by using colouring them all around. The colour applied should be extended toward the corners of the eyes.
  • Deep-set eyes-Individuals with these eyes are supposed to use light colours under their brow and on the eyelid. The outer corners should also be emphasized with shadows.
  • Hooded eyes-In these eyes, light colours are applied on the lid. Dark colours should be used from the eyelid’s center towards the outer corners.
  • Asian eyes-People with Asian eyes should apply a highlighter under their brows. Besides, a light shadow should be used on the inner part of their lids.


Mascara is used in framing the eyes and making a face lively. It plays an important role in softening the eyes as well as darkening and thickening the lashes. Some of the common types of mascara include smudge proof, waterproof and thickening. Smudge proof can be washed off easily. Waterproof mascara is removed using a special remover. You should avoid wearing waterproof mascara for a long period as it can dry your lashes.


These products come in different colours and forms such as pencil and liquid. The eyeliner should be kept natural. Eyeliners are useful in defining the eyes. Pencils come in different colours, and they can be sharpened to produce a fine line. Very soft pencils should be hardened by refrigerating them while the hard ones held between the fingers to soften them.