How to Choose Best the Pomade for Men


Just like the majority of men’s hair care products, pomades are available in different sizes, textures, shapes, and finishes. This makes choosing your ideal product more challenging. Considering the numerous products in the market, it may not be easy to find the Best Pomade for Men. But this can be easy when you know what to look for. Therefore how can you choose the best pomade for men?

Petroleum or Water-Based

In the market, you’ll find both water and oil-based pomades. The choice of either of the products will mainly depend on your preferred hairstyle. For example, if you’re aiming at a firm hold or a regimented hairstyle, it would be best to go for an oil-based product. Understand that petroleum-based pomades stay longer in your hair and may also be challenging to wash out of the hair.

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On the other hand, if you have a sensitive scalp, it would be ideal to choose the water-based pomades since they’re less greasy and easy to wash out of the hair. Additionally, they’ll also stick on your hair throughout the day.

Expected Results

Different products offer varying results. Although pomades result in a glossier and sleeker finish when compared to waxes and clays, the degree of the shine varies among the products. When picking pomades for your hair, you must first determine the result you want. Before selecting the ideal product for your hair, it’s essential to consider your hair texture. For example, pomade that will work out correctly for thick hair is not ideal for someone with very fine hair strands.

The recommendation is that you should choose a lightweight product if you have thin hair. As for those with thick and coarse hair, they should use the heavier formulations. For instance, an extreme-hold product will seem oily and greasy on fine hair; thus, a light or medium weight formulation will be perfect.


Although the men’s pomades you’ll find in the market may be similar in content, each product is unique in its own way. The ingredients in each product differ. For example, the traditional pomades were prepared from either animal or plant sources; today, you’ll find both natural and artificial products in the market. When shopping for your ideal hair care product, you should check the packaging to know what is in the product.


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Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for more information. Although other hair care products such as waxes and gels contain many chemicals, pomades contain less of these substances. Choose pomades that are simple, nourishing, and made of less harsh ingredients.

With the above tips, choosing the best pomade for men is easier, effective, and fast.