Various Ways of Increasing Breast Size


Every woman wants to have full and puffed-up breasts regardless of age. According to some scientific studies, a woman’s breast changes at least six times throughout their life and stops to grow four years after the first period. With this kind of change, most women have to devise ways to try and have the same large-sized and nicely shaped breasts through the years, more so after nursing.

Surgery is one of the ways of breast enlargement, but it is expensive and poses some risks. Another option is using breast enlargement supplements, and you can check out the Cleve Scene to read more about breast enlargement supplements.

Let’s look at the different ways you can increase your breast size:


supplementsSupplements are safer and more effective than surgery. The ingredients used are from natural sources and have no side effects. However, there may be an allergic reaction if you develop a sensitivity to either the capsules, lotion, or creams. The supplements contain essential oils like olive, lavender, and tree oils to protect you from the risks of cancer or any other allergies.


Exercises are healthy for your body. While some people workout to keep fit or lose weight, others do it for breast enlargement. Some of the physical activities for breast enlargement include arm presses, horizontal press, and prayer pose.


nutsCertain foods are known to enhance breast size. Foods like papaya mixed with milk help promote breast growth. Also, milk contains fats that can cause breast enlargement because they are made of fats. Another food item for breast enlargement is nuts because they contain essential fats, for example, mono-saturated fats. Soybean not only enlarges the breast but protects them from cancer. They protect from free radicals that are responsible for breast cancer. These beans have a high content of a breast growth hormone known as phytoestrogens.

Massage Oils

Using massage oils is one of the highly recommended methods. It is safe plus easy to do it yourself or get some help from your sexual partner. The most commonly used and effective oils are flax-seed oil, breast enlargement cream, olive, and fennel oils.

The method is simple because all you need is to massage your boobs in a circular motion then join them together. It is best to repeat this exercise at least ten times a day. However, avoid joining them together for long as it can cause swelling around the breast and sensitivity that leads to discomfort.


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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Most of the time, finding the right bride’s gown can be difficult. This is because more often than not, it is a first-time experience. Also, some women may have never owned a more expensive garment than a wedding dress. As such, there is a lot of pressure when shopping for a bride’s dress.

Also, some brides might prefer more than one dress, where they will have a different dress for the church ceremony and another for the reception. That makes the selection process more tasking. Fortunately, you can easily find many designer gowns in the leading wedding dress boutique in Sydney.

Here are some of the tips which can help you get the right wedding dress:

Consider the Type of Wedding

consider the type of weddingConsidering the type of the wedding ceremony or the venue and and the time of the wedding can give you some focus. If it is a daytime wedding at the beach, ball gowns having long trains might not work. On the other hand, if it takes place at the cathedral, you should avoid a short slip gown. Such could be appropriate for a cocktail party.

Consider the Budget

You have to consider the money available. This will help you avoid falling for a dress that you cannot afford. There are other factors to consider, including the alterations and shipping costs. Such things can increase the value of the gown significantly.

Research More About Wedding Gowns

research about wedding dressesIt would help to read bridal magazines, websites, and books to find more about wedding dresses. Some things to learn about include the fabrics, the lexicon, and silhouettes to convey better what you need. You can create a folder with details and pictures of the gowns that you like.

Start Shopping Early

Shopping should begin from five to eight months before the wedding. It might take around five months for the designer to complete the dress and another two months for alterations. Other more elaborate gowns might take longer.

Have a Friend When Shopping

Take with you to the shop anything you want to put on, including the necklace. Often in the boutique, you will find other things to go with the dress, for example, strapless bras and shoes. However, you might want to carry your own. You might also need the advice of a few confidantes, but not many of them.

A bride may get stressed for not finding the perfect wedding gown. With many options available in the market, there several things to consider when selecting a wedding dress. They include considering the wedding’s venue, starting the search early, bringing some people to help you choose, researching, and working with your budget.…

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