Tips for Buying a Winter Coat

a woman playing outdoors

Those living in four-season countries know how it feels like to constantly deal with seasonal changes. It has been a common challenge for them that they are already accustomed to making necessary preparations every year. Winter is not an exception. The fact that they still need to do their daily activities amid the freezing temperatures makes it essential for them to find a high-quality winter coat, such as teddy bear coat. However, this is where the common problem begins. Most available products are not finely designed, making wearers look like they have been eating junk food for a year. Most people may not find it an issue at all, but things are different for those who need to look fashionable all the time. This article discusses several tips to select and buy a winter coat that can protect you from the low temperatures without leaving its sense of fashion.

Know Your Size

The first thing you need to check is your body size. It is specifically important since it is the key to comfort while wearing thick layers of clothes. Being specific about your body sizes is also advisable, especially when you find out that you cannot easily find your size in stores. The secret to looking stunning is to never afraid of showing your curves, and for that reason, you need to be specific about it. First, you need to measure the length from your right shoulder to the left. Your chest size, hip, and waist should be the next. After knowing all these sizes, and subsequently knowing your body better, it is time for you to start your quests. Consulting to a fashion designer is also a good idea, especially if you have a bulky figure.


Colors should also be one’s primary concern whenever they need to buy a new coat. Not only does it affect your overall look, but it is also a vital aspect if you have to attend certain events. Choosing bright colors is okay as long as you know that you will not end up looking like a walking traffic light. For your information, the key is your body size. If you have a rather slender body, choosing bright colors can give your body the volume it needs to emphasize your body curves. However, if you have a bulky appearance, choosing neutral and dark colors, like black or dark brown, can be an excellent choice since it helps hide your big curves that women normally try to hide.…

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