Selecting the Perfect Nail Art Design

Beautifully painted nails

Professional nail art designs are beautiful, and they will complete your sophisticated look. You should pamper yourself with a manicure from time to time and get the classy look on your nails. There many nail designs on the market today including French manicures, acrylic nail designs, shellac nägel and many more. With the many options, you have the opportunity to choose designs which appeal to you most. Below are factors to consider when selecting the perfect nail art design for you.

Look at Your Options

Long gel nailsNail salons will have displays of nail designs done on fake nails. These designs can be a guide helping you to select the color and design you want. If you cannot find a design that pleases you from the displayed, think of something unique, and the designers will actualize it. It is always good to be unique.


So that you know, nail polish and gel are nowadays available in different colors and hues. Your personality and outfit colors should influence the selection of the right color. Some people are not comfortable with shouting colors like green and red while others rock such comfortably. The bottom line is, choose a color you are comfortable wearing. Some nail designs come in one color hence the need to select colors which complement each other.

What Is Your Occupation?

Simple nail art for an office lookTruth be told some jobs will not allow you to have the nail art and color you want. It is your responsibility to choose a design which is acceptable at your place of work. If you work in an office, go with dull colors. You do not want to be the center of attraction or distraction in your office. The same case applies if you are going for an interview. The type of nail design you have can send the wrong impression. Stick to neutrals.


Nail art maintenance determines how long they will serve you. Maintenance depends on the elements used, type of nail polish and the application technique. You have seen designs with things like stars, studs and glittery things. Before getting any of the designs, think about your day to day activities. In addition to that, the type of design you choose determines how soon you will need a redo or a refill. Some nail designs are fit for certain occasions, a wedding for example. But you will be required to take them down immediately for purposes of work the following day.…

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